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As an established Industry Leader, you understand that your employees are the heart and soul of your business. A team of dedicated employees with a passion to serve others, and a commitment to personal growth and achievement produces organizational success and stability!

HARF is committed to building a pipeline of talent to meet the challenges of the future. Our Corporate Sponsors meet the Industry’s future leaders firsthand, and lay the groundwork for recruitment of the best and brightest.

In partnership with your Human Resource department, introductions are made, relationships forged and future employees identified. We keep resumes and contact information accessible for HARF Awardee rising stars, provide mentorship and encourage them to stay in the Industry and strive for career success.

Set apart from their peers by a combination of hands on experience, combined with demonstrated academic success in two and four-year degree programs and selected by seasoned Industry professionals, this year’s crop of Awardees is waiting to meet their future.

These are the Industry Leaders of tomorrow.

Become a HARF Corporate Sponsor today and make them a part of your company’s future success!

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