Career Partners Initiative

HARF launches a Career Partners Initiative in Spring 2017.

Career Partners Initiative makes a 4 year, $10,000 investment in your college education and provides tangible demonstration of HARF’s investment in your career. We want to ensure the best and the brightest stay in the Hospitality Industry and we are here to help!

As a College Freshman, you are encouraged to reapply each year, with the opportunity to incrementally increase the size of your annual scholarship through continued growth, improved grades and the advocacy of an industry mentor on your behalf.

A customized “reapplication” process is offered in your Sophomore Year

Here is how Scholarships will be allocated to qualifying, returning applicants:

2nd Semester Freshman:
(Notification Award +)

Sophomore Year:
($750 per Semester)

Junior Year:
($1,500 per Semester)

Senior Year:
($2,500 per Semester)